Animal Palaeopathology Working Group

Fourteen papers arising out of the 2007 conference held at the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, Kaunas, Lithuania, are published in the peer-reviewed journal of the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy: Veterinarija & Zootechnika. All papers can be downloaded for free here.

The proceedings of the second APWG conference held at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia, 23rd – 24th September 2004 have been published by Archaeopress. The full citation is as follows: British Archaeological Reports -S1844, 2008 Current Research in Animal Palaeopathology: Proceedings of the Second ICAZ Animal Palaeopathology Working Group Conference edited by Zora Miklíková and Richard Thomas. ISBN 978 1 4073 0331 4. £26.00. Papers include the following topics: Environmental stress in early domestic sheep (Bartosiewicz); Developmental anomaly of prehistoric roe deer dentition (Fabiš et al.); Tuberculosis or brucellosis in an Iron Age horse skeleton (Bendrey); Palaeopathology at two Roman sites in central Britain (Vann); Fracture analysis at a Roman site in The Netherlands (Groot); Pathology in horses from a Roman cemetery (Lyublyanovics); Animal diseases at a Celtic-Roman village in Hungary (Daróczi-Szabó); Animal pathology at an early medieval settlement in south-west Slovakia (Miklíková); Animal diseases from medieval Buda (Csippán & Daróczi-Szabó); Fossil and sub-fossil pathological bird bones from recent excavations (Gál); Osteoporosis in animal palaeopathology (Martiniaková et al.); Cranial perforations in Armenian cattle (Manaseryan).

The proceedings of the APWG conference session held at the ICAZ conference at the University of Durham were published in 2005. The title of the volume is "Diet and Health in Past Animal Populations: Current Research and Future Directions" and it has been published by Oxbow Books. For a summary of the palaeopathological articles contained in the volume check out the APWG bibliography of palaeopathological publications.