Animal Palaeopathology Working Group

Animal Palaeopathology Image Bank

One of the recognised difficulties with the identification, description and diagnosis of animal palaeopathologies has been the absence, in many institutions, of appropraite reference material. In order to address this need, the APWG has therefore teamed up with the ADS (Archaeology Data Services) and the Higher Education Academy to develop a detailed database of images of pathological animal bones.

The purpose of this image bank (hosted as part of the ADS Image Bank) is to provide high quality images of animal palaeopathological specimens for re-use in teaching and research. Images submitted will be accompanied by detailed, but simple, metadata allowing for easy search and retrieval. Images submitted should be of good quality and can show any type of pathological abnormality present in either archaeological or reference specimens.

Images and supplementary documentation can be either submitted through an online form or using an Access database file. For guidance on the submission of images, and details of the documentation that should be provided alongside each image, please see the following document:

Image submission guidelines

This document includes an example description for this image:

To access the Image Bank and view, search or donate images, please click on the following link:

Access Image Bank