Animal Palaeopathology Working Group

To disseminate current research on animal palaeopathology and to stimulate further research, this space is designed to share information about current projects. If you would like to submit some text to this webpage, or inform us of a useful weblink, please contact Richard Thomas.

The archaeology of epizootic disease. Investigating animal mass mortalities in Western Europe, from the Neolithic to the 19th Century - Annelise Roman-Binois (University of Paris, France)

From New World to Old: turkey pathologies as a reflection of human behaviour - Brooklynne "Tyr" Fothergill (University of Leicester, UK)

Palaeopathology of Gulo gulo skeletons - Catherine Hellier (University of Bergen, Norway)

The migration and transmission of tuberculosis - Jen Wooding (University of Bradford, UK)

Computerised bone templates - potentially useful in graphically recording palaeopathological lesions -

Trauma and healing in non-primate monkeys- Tara J. Chapman (University of Kent, UK), Scott Legge (Macalester College, USA), Sarah Johns (University of Kent, UK)